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In this episode our heroes are going over the ins and outs of Salsette Island. Joining them on this noble endeavour is good chum Baki, a recovering Magic player who also shares with us his experiences of Richard Garfield’s other card game. Then after the card talk there is Book Club talk on The Player of Games. Could we even fit in anymore? Probably! Will we!? No!

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In this episode our heroes are joined by the Lead Developer of Netrunner, Damon Stone. How far ahead are they designing cards? How successful was the MWL? Will there be any more deluxe expansions? What are his thoughts on making the community more inclusive? All are put to the man himself! We also chat about games design, the new Flashpoint cycle, his approach to balancing Netrunner and probably other things too!

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In this episode our heroes are joined by chum Lane to discuss da new data pack I Hope you Like Assets AKA Democracy and Dogma. And lo it came to pass that more people started saying “I trash Caprice for one” and the person playing corp says “errr sorry I’m IG and I’ve got, like, five facedown cards in archives” and the first person says “Oh sorry I forgot... That’s quite a lot of money” and then they both agreed that it was.

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