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In this episode our heroes are joined by friend Lane to talk about how Core 2.0 will affect the meta. We go over the new deck building challenges brought about by the Revised Core and what we think will be strong, fun or both in this brave new world. This new podcast is heralded by some as “sort of relevant” until a new MWL (or ban list) comes into effect.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by friend Lane to discuss the last two data packs Free Mars and Crimson Dust. We recorded this before the Core 2.0 announcement. Oh dear! But we only mention Account Siphon and Parasite a few times. Hurray! Core 2.0 show coming soon but in the meantime this will be worth a few chuckles.

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In this episode our heroes continue to be joined by Catherine and Lane to finish lamenting the passing of their favourite cards of the first two cycles for the second part of our fabulous and innovative No-tation series. What Corp cards will we miss the most from the Genesis and Spin cycles? Listen or ask someone who has listened to find out!

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