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In this episode our heroes return battered and bruised from the London regionals with many a story to tell. Spoilers: Eady does quite well and Chris tries his best. Special guests past Eady and Chris via recording taken on the day. Plus we end on a fluff section about cloning.

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In this episode our heroes discuss the second deluxe expansion, Honour and Profit. We have made a deluxe episode to celebrate. It is a beast of a thing and it's all Honour and Profit all the time! You have been warned. Also new intro music by the lovely Ben Jones.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by the lovely Quintin Smith from to talk about Ice. Ice we love; Ice we hate and Ice we used to date but now only like as a friend. Also there is a fluff section about mining on the moon.

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In this episode our heroes discuss the Double Time data pack and completely forget to talk about one of the best cards. See if you can guess which one. Also Eady has finished reading his first Netrunner book, Free Fall. Hear his thoughts and what nuggets of fluff he has gleaned. All this and slightly more on this week's episode!

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In this episode our heroes discuss popular deck archetypes. What they is; how they do and what to do when they do what they do. Also fluff chat about 'The Beanstalk', fictional and theoretical. Enjoy!

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In this episode our heroes discuss True Colors AND Fear and Loathing. Two data packs in one podcast? Now that's value! Also discussed is Eady's white tree deck; teaching beginners and the background of Thomas Hass.

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In this episode our heroes try and explain Netrunner to special guest Tom Lane with mixed results. Some segments were lost during recording so there are some very harsh editing but I hope it's still enjoyable.

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In this episode we do some introductions and talk about the tournament we went to at Leisure Games.

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