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In this episode our heroes carry on the age old tradition of spooky (copyright free) stories at Christmas.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by friend Lane to discuss Intervention. Which is a new expansion or "Data Pack" for a card game called Android: Netrunner - The Card Game, produced by Fantasy Flight Games. The rules for Netrunner were designed by Richard Garfield after visiting the ruins of Babylon; the subterranean secret of Memphis and spending ten years alone in the great southern desert of Arabia which (as we all know) is held to be inhabited by protective evil spirits and monsters of death.

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Stupid s#%t that didn't fit anywhere else.

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Recorded during the Top 16 cut of Worlds. We sit down with Damon Stone (Lead Developer of Netrunner) and chat about some of the spoiled cards from the upcoming Red Sand cycle.

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Recorded back home in the UK. Sorting out some loose ends and thanking many nice people.

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Recorded during the lunch break of Worlds day 1. We sit down and chat Android Netrunner lore with two of the people that know it the best, Katrina Ostrander (Fiction editor for FFG) and Dan Clark (Writer and Game Designer for FFG). What better people to talk John Hackman with?

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Recorded the evening after day Worlds with Dave Hoyland, Seamus, Chris Dyer and Ben Ni (Worlds finalist and YouTube Content Creation Master:

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Recorded the morning after the Worlds Final. Dan D'Argenio (2 time World Champion) and John Treviranus (Top 16 Worlds competitor and Duelyst Designer).

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Recorded the evening after day one of Worlds with Dave Hoyland, Seamus and Chris Dyer (Spoilers: Now Current World Champion!)

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Recorded the morning of the Ice Breaker Tournament with Timmy Wong (3 time top 8 Worlds competitor) and Spags (previous top 16 Worlds competitor and King of Servers organiser).

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Recorded the evening before the Ice Breaker Tournament just after a Surly Brewery Tour... Oh dear. We are joined by Dave Hoyland (3 time top 8 Worlds competitor) and Seamus (Scottish Regional winner).

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Recorded just after we arrived in the USofA. We talk our top Worlds strats with David Etherington, Brian Biggs and Johno from the Dead Channel podcast.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by Lane to discuss the newest data pack which is named after metal stairs that ascend you out of train stations in Europe and possibly other places. Seems a bit odd but there you go... wait... it's -tion not -ors isn't it... Well I'm not writing this again.

PSA: We are going to Worlds so for a while the usual release schedule is out the window! We are doing recordings while there but between travelling and not knowing how much work the audio will need episodes are going to be sporadic. I'll try and keep you updated via the social medias. Hopefully it will be worth the extra wait. Lots of love, Chris x

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In this episode our heroes are joined by the founders and admins of the Women of Netrunner Facebook group, Kat and Alexis. We talk about their experience of setting up the group and their thoughts on making the community more inclusive. Also we follow that up with a chat about drafting as we did one of those recently.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by the brains, arms, legs, hair and teeth behind the Dead Channel podcast Johno and Joey. We'll have a chat about the current UK tournament scene, why not? And play a fun game for cool people called Sales Team, my goodness! Then it stops and you'll have to make your own fun after that.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by the pilot of the most successful Biotech deck the world has ever seen, Simon Castle (11th at UK Nats)! Together we ask what's the bloody deal with this new bloody pack Blood Money? Will the conversation come freely or will it be like getting blood from a stone? *Please now insert your own sentence involving blood... and maybe involving vampires.* Too bloody right that person!

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In this episode our heroes are using all their deck building might to create lists for people who have just a core set and want to expand their collection. The brief? Create a deck list using one core set and 4 data packs or 2 data packs and 1 deluxe expansion. We also get some help from the very lovely Krystian and Jesse and Nels who give us the skinny on the decks they made.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by Lane and Cathy to discuss the first post MWL2 tournament, Reading Regional, but also the newest data pack 23 Seconds. Which name refers to an incident where Titan's firewalls dropped for 23 seconds. Of course meaning runners had 23 seconds to go and therefore 23 seconds to flow.

(P.S. If you have never heard the UK Garage classic 21 Seconds To Go you are A. Missing out and B. Likely be confused by what just happened.)

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In this episode our heroes have it all going on. They are joined by Seamus (Scottish Regionals Winner) and Dave Hoyland (Worlds Top 3) to discuss the recent MWL additions and subtraction. But wait! There's more! We also chat about the state of Weyland and Criminal at the end of the Mumbad Cycle and what we hope to get from the Flashpoint Cycle. A show so packed it's at least an hour.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by friend Lane to discuss the final data pack of the Mumbad Cycle, Fear the Masses. They ask themselves the question: Should all masses be feared? A mass of spiders? Certainly. But a mass of cake or puppies? In the first of several sarcastically boring lectures, we attempt to show there is more nuance to this statement than this data pack would have you believe.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by Alice Rees, Birmingham regionals winner, to discuss The Liberated Mind. What a noble path we have set for ourselves. With an emptied mind we can go into this podcast free from the burdens of the world outside. Rising out of the ashes like the Netrunner card Out of the Ashes to rebirth into... a turning wheel of waivers and... vanilla ice is here with his latest single. Not to be missed probably!

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This is a live show we recorded at the UK Games Expo 2016. With special guest Quintin Smith from Shut Up and Sit Down. We have a good old natter about the world of Netrunner as well as taking questions from the audience.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by Scottish Regionals Champ Seamus. The man who puts the Arg! in Argus shares with us his war stories from the tournament as well as why with his decks it’s best to be aggressive b-e aggressive b-e a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e aggressive b-e aggressive! (clap clap)!

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In this episode our heroes are going over the ins and outs of Salsette Island. Joining them on this noble endeavour is good chum Baki, a recovering Magic player who also shares with us his experiences of Richard Garfield’s other card game. Then after the card talk there is Book Club talk on The Player of Games. Could we even fit in anymore? Probably! Will we!? No!

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In this episode our heroes are joined by the Lead Developer of Netrunner, Damon Stone. How far ahead are they designing cards? How successful was the MWL? Will there be any more deluxe expansions? What are his thoughts on making the community more inclusive? All are put to the man himself! We also chat about games design, the new Flashpoint cycle, his approach to balancing Netrunner and probably other things too!

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In this episode our heroes are joined by chum Lane to discuss da new data pack I Hope you Like Assets AKA Democracy and Dogma. And lo it came to pass that more people started saying “I trash Caprice for one” and the person playing corp says “errr sorry I’m IG and I’ve got, like, five facedown cards in archives” and the first person says “Oh sorry I forgot... That’s quite a lot of money” and then they both agreed that it was.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by David Hoyland of the best game you saw last year fame to discuss the finding of the Leela Endless Waltz Deck Club. Ding ding, seconds out sports phrase. It's going to get heated! And by “it’s” I mean the Deck Club emails from listeners are and by “heated” I of course mean pleasantly discussed.

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This episode Eady is back in the studio and ready to get down to business! We talk about his trip to New Zealand as well as loads of cards from a data pack. Now I know what you’re thinking. Is it business? Is it Business First? I know what you're trying to say, you're trying to say is it time for business is it Business First? Ooh! Is it business? Is it Business First? To which I respond. Yes. Yes it is.

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In this episode the part of Eady will be played by Lane. They are both actually called Tom so that makes the paperwork easier. We talk about cards that aren't talked about enough. Cards that aren't played enough. Cards that have yet to feel the genial caress of a pro-matte sleeve.

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This episode Eady is on holiday but dry your tears as Chris is joined by Cathy and Lane to discuss their tournament experiences in a post-Most Wanted List world. Is it a world where we have flying cars and travel mostly in tubes? Or is it a world where the primates have taken over, the plot's a bit confusing and Tim Burton is directing. ALL WILL BE REVEALED. MAYBE!?

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In this episode our heroes are celebrating two years of podcasting with a bumper crop of features. Kala Ghoda card talk; a Q&A; Eady being in charge; drinking; that bit after the outro which is sometimes sort of funny; something else we've done before probably. All this for the low, low price of a single click from your mouse.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by London meta chums Lane and Cathy to talk about the recent Store Champs in London and Brighton. We chat about choosing a deck for a tournament; what decks we expect to see post MWL and, of course, general deck care and maintenance. Particularly we talk about the importance of a good deck wax for a nice smooth shuffle and we all agree that nothing gives a smoother shuffles than Old Mama Murphy's Deck Wax.*

(*This podcast description has been brought to you in part by Old Mama Murphy's Deck Wax. If you're not using Old Mama Murphy's, you're not really shuffling.)

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In this episode our heroes are joined by David Hoyland of "agenda behind only an Ichi at Worlds" fame to discuss The Most Wanted List and his infamous Endless Waltz Leela deck. In fact that deck is the star of the latest Deck Club! If you want in then you just play the deck over the next few weeks and send us your thoughts (check website for details). Counting to three and spinning in circles for a very long time has never been so fun!

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In this episode our heroes are joined by lovely friend Lane. Together they present you an audio Kinder Egg of a show. Featuring a chocolate of gauntlet discussion where they talk about pitting tournament decks against one another round Dave’s house. And as we all know the only prize round Dave’s house is GLORY and maybe a sandwich is you ask Dave nicely. He has a turkey that needs eating!

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