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In this episode our heroes celebrate the festive season with a Christmas story. Bad am-dram ahoy! Merry Christmas and a happy new year (if you are into that sort of thing)!

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In this episode our heroes are joined by all your favorite UK content creators to talk about the UK meta. In the most collaborative episode we have ever done we are joined by beyoken, Theophilius Bagpiper and Dead Channel to talk about our feelings on the UK meta and the future of Netrunner.

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In this episode our heroes discuss the Magnum Opus tournament. Eady is here to regale you with bold tales of cards and bootleg booze. And we are all her to give you the definitive opinions of all the cards released at world.

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Recorded with Lead Designer of Netrunner Michael Bogg. Where we talk about Netrunner and games design for a bit.

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Recorded with Jesse Turner from the Terminal7 and CodeMarvelous from the YouTube. Stroh is drunken and Netrunner is discussed.

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Recorded with the Team Project NISEI to discuss the future of Netrunner after official support ends.

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Recorded with Chris Dyer from the Dead Channel and Seamus from the Theophilius Bagpiper podcast. They discuss the worlds' meta; deck choices and other salient topics.

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This week we have some very sad news about a member of the Netrunner community. We talk about the death of Ciara Maxey and our memories of her. Netrunner chat starts at 5:15 where we talk about nationals and the new MWL.

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In this episode our heroes get into the second and final part of Reign and Reverie. After the last episode, which confused Chris' mum quite a bit, we are back in full effect. Lane has been fished out of the channel and we're all revved up to talk about some darn Netrunner cards.

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In this episode our heroes dive into the runner cards from Reign and Reverie. Fun times abound as we discuss the many opportunities hackers have been given by this final official release from FFG. We are trying out some new mics this week so hope you like the new rich sound. Very professional.

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In this episode our heroes are celebrating reaching the 100th episode of the podcast. Hijinks a plenty as we have two very special features and share the listeners favorite memories of the last 4 and a half years.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by the lovely folks from the Dead Channel and Theophilius Bagpiper podcasts. Recorded at the UK Games Expo before we knew the end of Netrunner was nigh. We discuss the meta and the tournament while Chris slowly loses his mind due to lack of sleep.

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This is a live show we recorded at the UK Games Expo 2018 with special guest Seamus from the Theophilius Bagpiper podcast. Between drinking Buckfast we chat about Euros and take some questions from the audience. This has turned out to be our last Netrunner panel so hope we got it right this time!

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In this episode our heroes talk about the last data pack ever, Kampala Ascendent. Alas poor Netrunner! I knew them well, a game of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy or something. We talk about the sad news for a bit, then we talk about the data pack and then we stop.

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In this episode our heroes talk about The Devil and the Dragon & Whispers in Nalubaale. And I need to pack for the UK Games Expo so there is no time to write a description for the show. None at all! My pants won't pack themselves.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by former lead designer of Netrunner Damon Stone. A year out from Damon leaving Fantasy Flight we talk about his feelings on the Revised Core Set and Terminal Directive. We also discuss the importance of representation of non-white people in Netrunner and Damon shares with us his experiences of being a black man in the board game industry.

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In this episode our heroes talk about the Council of the Crest data pack. This pack has been out a while and you probably already know if you want to listen to our particular brand of Netrunner and nonsense so I won't go into why you should listen and you likely already know if you want to listen anyway and this sentence is very long so I'll stop now.

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In this episode our heroes are joined by Johno and Chris Dyer from the Dead Channel podcast. We exploit Chris' knowledge of playtesting and games design as he talks us through his years of experience on the subject. We then make him judge a spectacular custom cards competition! Where only one of us can be crowned the bestest!

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In this episode our heroes discuss the latest data pack Down the White Nile. Spoiler alert: there are Netrunner cards inside which can be used to play the board game Android: Netrunner The Card Game. Also we totally recorded this before the new MWL announcement. Oh well! Not like it's a big deal or anything.

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In this episode our heroes investigate the sights, sounds and satisfying sibilants of Sovereign Sight. New cards have arrived in the UK and we are here to talk about them for a bit! We go off topic occasionally but luckily that supports our new slogan. Run Last Click: It's Not for Everyone!

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In this episode our heroes answer the listeners' most burning questions in this 80 minute extravaganza. Beginner questions were requested by us and you did not disappoint (beginner's section: 4:02 - 46:43)! But only one person may be chosen as our favouritest and win a playmat. Listen all the way to the end to find out if it was you... Or skip to the end, that is also fine.

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